• Concept

    We value the bond between a mother and child and, also, among family members. Birthing is a natural process. Birthing is one of the biggest life events for a woman and a man and other family members. Therefore, it becomes significant for everyone in the family to support the birthing process and to share the pains and joys in order to welcome a new life.

    Each woman should be able to choose her own natural birthing style with her own strength. We, the midwives of Aqua Birth House, are there to help those who wish to have a natural birth. At the Birth House, there is no cold delivery table. We do not force any particular birthing position or breathing method. Every labor should be different like every individual’s life is unique and special.

    When it comes to raising children, each baby grows differently. Do not worry about differences in size and maturity, we will help you to nurture and protect your child. Please consult us with even the little questions regarding pregnancy, birthing, and baby care. Mothers are welcome to join our “Club Aqua” discussion group, a gathering of women and children.

  • Detail

    • 1. Length of stay : 5days
    • 2. Active birth encouraged
    • 3. Home birth / Water birth offered
    • 4. Family planning consultation :
      condom, BBT etc.5. Childrearing consultation6. Postpartum mother’s club “Club Aqua” (Japanese only)
    • 5. YOGA class (Japanese only)
    • 6. Checkup
      Consultation hours : Monday to Saturday except National Holidays9:00am to 11:30am
      Free tour of Aqua Birth House in English :
      Outpatient breastfeeding
      consultation :
      We ask that you make an appointment in advance.
  • We cannot accept high risk pregnancies as described below

    • Breech presentationTwins
    • Placenta previa
    • Serious anemia
    • VBAC
    • Premature labor (before 37 weeks) or babies with a known serious problem.
    • Women with heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy
    • Blood Type Rh(-)
  • How often do you need an antenatal checkup?

    • Every four weeks until 24 weeks
    • Every two weeks until 36 weeks
    • Every week until birth
    • You also need to see a doctor to have blood tests, ultrasound scans, and / or electronic fetal monitoring done at : The first check-up Around 20 and 30 weeks 36〜37 weeks 41 weeks if overdue
  • Childbirth at Aqua Birth House

    You may choose any position you like during labor and birth We welcome birth plans We do not give epidurals You may use the birthing pool We do not give labor-stimulating-drugs even if you pass your estimated date of delivery. We do not do episiotomies. We do not stitch tears, clips are used if necessary.

  • Postpartum at Aqua Birth House

    24 hour rooming in with baby Help with breast-feeding readily available.

  • Information about hospitalization

    • Duration
    • You will stay at here about 5days including the day of birth. But it will depend on you and your baby’s condition.
    • Charges
    • It will cost 550,000~600,000 yen including(5days).Water birth cost plus 40,000 yen.
      Night or holiday plus 30,000 yen.
      Home birth will cost about 600,000 yen.
      *Diposit:100,000 yen
      *including Japan Obstetric Compensation Insurance charge.
    • Bring with you
    • ◇Mothering noteNight clothes
      ◇You and your baby’s dress when you go home
      ◇Some bevarage(for labor)
      ◇Husband’s swimming suit if he wants to go into birthing pool
      *We prepare shorts, bras,pads,pampers etc.
  • What happens to you on an emergency?

    We refer to Nisseki (Red Cross) Medical Center in Hiroo. Other hospital choices may also be possible. If you and your baby has any problem after birth, we will contact with Red Cross Medical Center or National Seiiku Medical Center.

  • Childbirth preparation classes in English

    If you are interested in childbirth preparation classes in English please call Childbirth Education Center (CEC)’s Brett Iimura at 03-3414-7458.